When we face PDS “Pressure, Disappointments, and Stress”, can we grow through them or do we have to always grovel through them?

I see that there are five steps we can deploy in our daily journey that can give us the stamina to grow through pressure, disappointments, and stress rather than grovel through them.

Step 1:  Take charge of your soul, your mind will, and emotions. Most of us allow our emotions, will, and thoughts to run their own course and follow pressures, disappointments, and stress into the canyon of despair. Yet, we can climb up into the driver’s seat and lead our soul to higher ground.

Step 2: Choose to be a learner rather than a groveler. When we grovel we need evidence to justify our words, emotions, and actions. The very act of groveling dispatches tiny yet effective researchers from our soul to search and discover the evidence needed to justify our continual groveling. Yet, once we decide to be a learner we locate evidence that will coach us to the higher perspective and grow through PDS, rather than lament.

Step 3: Your PDS is testing your resolve to stay true to your course.

Step 4: Redefine PDS, rather than viewing it as the big bad monster that is here to devour you and scare you off, see it as proof and evidence you are close to accomplishing your desire.

Step 5: Your PDS proves to you the validity of your expectations.

Attached is 22 minute audio recording of a discussion we had with several people about these thoughts. It is my hope that you will enjoy it and grow through your PDS.

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